BTR-100L80H Currency Exchange Rate Boards to France

Currency Exchange Rate Boards to France

Technical Specification:

1) Whole product size: 1000(H)*800(L)*50 (D) mm

2) Currencies: 3 columns 15 rows

3) Columns: 3 columns

4) LED color: Bright red 

5) LED size: 0.8" +1inch

8) Quantity: 1 set  

9) Digits of LED: 6 digits per field

10) Meanwell power supply

11) With wallmounted by L-shaped brackets (in white color)

12) Front panel: acrylic panel with printing film (computer black)

    Back panel: white color acrylic panel

13) Support infrared remote control

14) Durable and elegant silver aluminum frame 

15) Non-reflective acrylic lens

16) 3 years warranty

17) Indoor window use not waterproof  

18) Completely silent operation and minimal heat generated
19) Backup memory to keep the latest exchange rates when power failed 
20) Power supply: 230V

21) Product design as email attached

22) Each set includes below parts,

   (1). Exchange Rate LED Display 

       (Printing + silver frame + white color acrylic panel for back side)

   (2). Infrared remote control

   (3). Manual in English

   (4). Power cable (1meter long)

   (5). L-shaped brackets 

   (6). Meanwell power supply

23) European standard power plug