BT20M-8888R 20inch Gas Price Sign

20inch Gas Price Sign
Place of Origin: Shenzhen Guangdong, China
Brand Name: BABBITT
Model Number: BT20M-8888R
Key words: 20inch Gas Price Sign
Usage: Outdoor
Tube Chip Color: Red 
Surface color: Black
Display Function: Number
Screen Dimension: 140*60*7CM
Digit height: 20inch
Power consumption: about 118W
Net weight: 23kgs
Gross weight: 24kgs
Packaging box size: about 150*70*17CM
Life span: 100000hours
Segment Color: red/yellow/white/blue/green(optional)
Power supply: 110V/220V(optional)
IP Rate(7 segments): IP65
Package: Foam + Cardboard box
Feature: Energy saving & long life
Origin: China
Warranty Time: 1 year
Installation: Wall/ceiling mounting
Energy saving: Illumination adjustable
Operation: Remote control / button/PC software(optional)
Brightness: about 4000mcd
A packaging box(include): LED Display,Control card,remote control,LED number dot, Power cable,Flat cable, communication cable,outside frame,software of PC etc



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