C100-W1V12 Ultrathin 100W 12V Power Supply

Ultrathin 100W 12V Power Supply
Input specification AC input voltage range 85~132VAC 170~264VAC (selected by switch)
Input frequency 47-63Hz
AC inrush current 2.4A/110V,1.2A/230VAC
Output specification Output voltage can be adjusted ±10%
Start-up time leq1S(input230V,Io=100%)
keep time more than or equal to 20mS (input230V,Io=100%)
Voltage regulation (Full load) leq0.5%
Protection function Overload protection 115% - 135% rated power, automatic recovery
Insulation intensity Input---output 1500VAC/1min 
Input---ground 1500VAC/1min 
Input---ground 500VAC/1min 
Safety standards Fit UL1012
E M C standards Comply with EN55022,UL60950
working temperature - 10 ° ~ 60 ° c / 20% ~ 90% RH (no frost)
Storage temperature –20°C~85°C/10%~95%RH
height above sea level leq2000M
Structure Size(mm) 112(L)*89(W)*34(H)
Cooling method Cooling method Natural cooling air convection
Weight/packing 0.3kg/60pcs/18kg
Product Type Table
Product model output specification Error, range efficiency
C100-W1V5 5V 0-20A ±2%, 100mV 81.00%
C100 -W1V12 12V 0-8.5A ±1%, 120mV 84.00%
C100-W1V15 15V 0-6.7A ±1%, 120mV 85.00%
C100-W1V24 24V 0-4.5A ±1%, 120mV 85.00%



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