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BTP5.95 Outdoor LED Screen

P5.95 Outdoor LED Screen

1.To use the double back power supply with High temperature resistance.Product's quality is 2 times higher than others.The LED display never is‘black’.

2.Deli(optional) control system automatically detects the power working state.

3.No need flat cable,to use the gold-plated connectors and more reliable.

4.500x500mm cabinet, net weight 9.8kgs, thickness 98mm.

5.High quality gray, high quality refresh, More close to the real color.

6.Modular design, easier to maintain.

7.Installation, power supply and signal cable connected is more convenient…

8.Brightness of 6300cd / square meter, IP65 waterproof grade

9.A screen has multiple uses, Higher quality and also can be the LED Dance floor Display.  


2016-4-26 17:53:33

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