Babbitt Electronics Limited is a branch of Diyatel Group and located in Shenzhen of China.

We are specialized in the LED Displays and relative products with over 15 years experiences. Our products rang include LED Exchange Rate Board display, LED 7 Segment Display, LED Gas Price Sign, LED Clock, LED Counter etc.

And our factory has over 10 years in the Power supply for LED product.which fully Compiliance with CE,ROHS and EMC/LVD standards.

We have a wide range of equipment for manufacturing and testing, which is necessary to achieve the highest quality.Our research and development team are particularly strong in hardware and software. We design most systems by ourselves, these include our very own LED control systems.

We manufacture a number of different products with a reputation for innovative designs, with excellent quality. Such as: Indoor products, outdoor products and different control system etc. Such as: remote control, Computer control by TCP/IP,RS485,RS232,WIFI or GPRS etc. 1 computer controls 1pc LED Display, or 1 computer controls 100 more LED Displays etc.

Our products have been exported over 50 countries.such as:USA,Canada,UK,Italy,France,Sweden,Netherland,Belgium,Russia,Zimbabwe,Nigeria,South Africa,Tanzania,Ethiopian,Tunisa,Somali,Australia,Chile,Puerto Rico,Mexico,Kazakhstan,Saudi Arabia,Isreal,Myanmar,Sri Lanka,Indonisia,India,Iraq,Malawi,Philippines,Pakistan,Thailand etc.

We take great pride in our work and manufacture as many of our products as possible in the Shenzhen of China. This ensures we are able to oversee production and make sure we deliver the highest possible quality to our end users.

All manner of solutions developed in house to suit our customer’s needs. Our experience in creating complicated, bespoke LED software has proven invaluable to our customers time and time again every time.

Our vision is to deliver the best quality for the most competitive price.
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